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Academic staff
Dr Mark Callaway Senior Lecturer in Mathematics
Dr Saptarshi Das Senior Lecturer in Mathematics (E&R)
Dr Tim Hughes Senior Lecturer in Mathematics
Professor Markus Mueller Associate Professor in Applied Mathematics
Professor Stuart Townley Professor in Applied Mathematics
Post-doctoral research fellows
Dr Suparna DuttaSinha Marie Curie Fellow
Dr Tamaryn Menneer Research Fellow
Dr Mehmet Yavuz Postdoctoral Research Associate
Visitors, emeritus and honorary fellows
Dr Oliver Allanson Honorary Senior Lecturer (University of Exeter) & Assistant Professor (University of Birmingham)
Salwa Al Garea Postgraduate
Faizah Alanazi Postgraduate
Fatimah Furayj M Alatawi Postgraduate
Mohammed Alharthi Postgraduate
Mofareh Alhazmi Postgraduate
Maram Ali Postgraduate
Ali Alibrahim Postgraduate
Rabiah Alkorbi Postgraduate
Theyab Alrashdi Postgraduate
Lamia Alyami Postgraduate
Ahmed Alzimami Postgraduate
Kevin Bolton Postgraduate
Edward Branford Postgraduate
Shuyan Dong Postgraduate
Aisha Mousa A Al Hayzea Postgraduate
Amani Homoud Postgraduate
Chris Kerry Postgraduate
Katie Murray Postgraduate
Xuxin Pooley Postgraduate
Andrew Symonds Postgraduate
Jack Wade Postgraduate
Gareth Willetts Postgraduate
Affiliated members of staff
Dr Bram Kuijper Lecturer in Theoretical Biology
Dr Mario Recker Associate Professor
KTP associates
Dr Eric Grist KTP Research